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Highly trained athletes love to push themselves further than they have ever gone before. They spend countless hours training and always look for a new challenge. Mother Lode Sports helps individuals find these challenges, offering events in 2015 to engage those who love to compete. Over time, the company plans to increase the number of events held to approximately 40 to 50 each year, with the Triple Crown Challenge serving as the inaugural event.

Residents of Calaveras County and the surrounding counties are sure to enjoy the amazing adventure sporting activities offered, along with the boost to the local economy. Whether you’re searching for Adventure Racing Northern California or wish to try a 10k in Northern California, Mother Lode Sports is the company to turn to.

Run The Rim 10K

June 21st, 2015

For those who feel they need more preparation for the Triple Crown, the Run the Rim 10K is a good starting point. This race takes participants through downtown Arnold, and the course is gently rolling and fast. In addition to awards and prizes, participants are treated to a BBQ and music. Non-participants may also enjoy the festivities for $10.[clear]

Rampage Run

October 31, 2015

The Rampage Run remains in the planning stages, but will consist of several races. This includes the Killer Mud Run, IPA Fest, and Rampage Bull Run. A tomato rampage is also planned for the day, and one can expect to have a great deal of fun at this event.[clear]


Benefits Of Adventure Races

Adventure racing is designed to challenge a person’s mental and physical abilities, but it goes beyond that. You’ll learn how to think clearly even when you’ve passed the point of exhaustion, as success depends on having both mental and physical fitness. The main benefit, however, is the sense of accomplishment you obtain at the end of the race or races.[clear]


Our Mission

Mother Lode Sports strives to provide fun, challenging, and unique endurance events designed for those between the ages of 18 and 35, although anyone is free to participate if they feel they are capable. Each event is designed to challenge the participant’s physical and mental fitness while leaving all who take part with a sense of accomplishment. Every event offered through the provider follows these guidelines at all times, thus participants are bound to have a great time.

Giving Back To The Community

Mother Lode Sports wishes to help build the local economy and bring attention to the area, particularly the region around Bear Valley. The company hopes to boost local tourism to Calaveras County and the surrounding counties. In addition, to further benefit those who live and work in the area, Mother Lode Sports created a foundation designed to provide funds to children in need throughout Calaveras County.

If you’re searching for a new challenge or wish to take your training to the next level, Mother Lode Sports can be of assistance. Should you love Adventure Racing Northern California or enjoy cycling, you’re sure to find an event which meets your needs. The same is true if you wish to run a marathon or try your hand at a Triathlon in Northern California.

Our site is the only place you need to turn to. We also offer swimming events, mud runs, mountain biking events and more, so be sure to check the entire event schedule as you browse our site to learn more about each challenge. An exciting adventure is never more than a click away.