What could be better than spending a weekend with your closest friends or family running in fun events and partying for Halloween? How about CAMPING with them too!

The combination of fun, challenging and happy Halloween events paired with a cozy group gathering, a tent, fresh air and late at night fun outdoors can’t be beat!

This is a great option if you want to come up overnight but don’t want to spend money on a hotel or house rental, and want to have a little more taste of adventure.

You can register for an on location campsite for only $20 a night (Saturday night only).

If you choose to purchase the weekend pass, your camping is included! (6 people & 2 vehicles per camp site.)

You can bring alcohol to your campsite – you just can’t bring it into the fairgrounds /party or race events. Have fun at your campsite and be responsible – remember that it may be Halloween, but this is still a family friendly event.

Cocoa, water, beer, wine, food, coffee and Ice will be available for purchase on site throughout the entire event.

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